In the financial services industry, time is money. Loffa Interactive’s line of workflow products automate many of the manual compliance tasks that steal valuable time and resources away from more critical business functions. From point solutions to a suite of functions, our platform will enable your team to work smarter and increase efficiency.

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Quarterly Broker Statement™

Eliminate the manually intensive quarterly process of confirming Open Fails, Borrows, Loans, and Repos that are associated with SEC 17a-13.

  • Centralize Fail Types, making proper supervision easier.

  • Easily comply with SEC 17a-13 within 7-business days rule.

  • Address all related SEC Rule 5a Audit reporting needs.



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Freefunds Verified Direct™

Electronically supervise the completion, centralization, storage, and retrieval of all DVP/COD Letter of Free Funds pursuant to SEC Regulation T 220-8 (C) (2).

  • Track open and non-responded Letter of Free Funds (LOFF) requests.

  • Protect against possible free-riding activity.

  • Comply with SEC Reg. T 220.8 and SEC 17a-4 storage requirements.





Prime Broker Integrated Network™

Onboard new Prime Brokerage relationships while centralizing all of your Prime Broker Documentation Agreements in compliance with SIA and SEC mandates.

  • Instantaneously send SIA Form 150 & F1SA agreements.

  • Reduce unnecessary DKs due to missing Prime Broker forms.

  • Close agreements and send sub account reports.



Stay Compliant with Workflow Automation

Loffa Interactive’s web-based financial services platforms solves some of the industry’s biggest challenges around documentation accessibility and adherence to regulatory compliance. Our advanced technology uses industry best practices to empower your team to do more with less resources-all in an intuitive online experience accessible anytime, anywhere!



Automate & Increase Efficiency

Loffa’s user-friendly dashboard and intuitive workflows improves processes through the power of automation.




Strengthen Internal Controls

Now you can have enhanced supervisory oversight of your operational teams—whether they are located down the hall or around the world.




Increased Bottom Line

Our web-based automation platform will help you reduce operational costs, offsite storage needs and duplication of efforts.




Reduce Risk of Regulatory Fines

Avoid costly fines resulting from both internal and external audit issues or inability to locate requested information in a timely manner.




Access Helpful Compliance Tools

Our platform includes a number of tools that follow industry best practices as well as proper regulatory steps to help keep you compliant, easier.




Secure Cloud Management

No more trips to the offsite storage facility. With state-of-the-art security cloud storage, your team can securely and efficiently retrieve any archived document with the click of button.




Enact Role-Based Permissions

The platform’s customizable permissions tool allows you to assign varying levels of system access within your team, including manager and supervisory roles.




Create Customized Reports

Authorized team members can generate both standard and customizable reports, allowing for efficient analysis of KPIs and other metrics.




Eliminate Unnecessary Paper Usage

Loffa’s digital workflow platform virtually eliminates paper, saving you paper costs and storage fees while contributing to a better world.




Navigate Easily

With a simple, user-friendly interface, our platform has a minimal learning curve so teams can onboard quickly and get to work.




Accessible Electronic Storage

Because documents are stored online in a secure cloud environment, you can instantly retrieve any stored documents and information.




Quick Search

Find exactly what you need with enhanced search that allows for quick retrieval of requested information, both internally and externally.