Security Issues: Working Remotely

How confident are you that your employees aren’t saving confidential information to their desktop now that they are working from home?

Remote Working Security Issues

Although working from home can provide many benefits to employees and firm’s levels of productivity, there are some issues that arise. Now that employees are working from home, they have unlimited access to materials that were originally meant to be used solely in the office space. This can create security issues among the firm such as: employees saving or sharing confidential information, employees joining an unsecure network, and insufficient guidance regarding potential but impactful security threats.

What Can You Do?

1. Security Training

Require your employees to undergo annual security training to establish and maintain good habits among the company. Tech Republic said that “More than 40% of reported security breaches are caused by employee negligence” (Kaelin, 2018). Reducing employee errors will drastically decrease the amount of attacks on a firm.

2. Communication

Establishing exact instructions to eliminate confusion on what is and isn’t okay for employees to do is an excellent way to reduce the amount of errors caused by employees which will lead to a more secure business overall. For example, be clear with your employees and tell them not to use public WIFI and to encrypt sensitive information that is being passed from device to device. Click the link below to read more about remote communication.

3. Keep Up to Date

Ensuring that all company devices are updated with the proper hardware and software is important since updates usually include new features that can help to better protect your systems.


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