A process that allows you to send and receive documents within seconds rather than waiting days for them to be delivered by mail.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements are being made daily and these advancements often lead to change in every industry. As financial firms continue to grow in size and compete with others, it is important that they are keeping up with the advancements of technology in order to keep their business effective and efficient and surpass their competitors by using the most up to date and developed technology.

One of the most sensible decisions a firm can make in order to become more effective and more efficient is deciding to implement eDelivery. Electronic delivery is the process of sending and receiving documents electronically rather than through the mail.

Quick Access to Information

A major benefit of eDelivery is the quick turnaround of the process. Waiting for documents to arrive in the mail or waiting for documents to be delivered is no longer an option. No one is waiting around to receive a document anymore—they will lose interest and move on to the next task. By the time they do receive the document, chances are the situation has already been handled and the document is no longer needed. Being about to receive important documents that are currently across the country in a matter of seconds ensures that a firm can get the information that they need immediately rather than waiting around for weeks for a piece of paper that may or may not get lost in the mail.

Lower Costs, Less Space

Implementing eDelivery reduces operation costs and reduces the amount of office space that would be required to file thousands and thousands of printed documents. Company resources and finances will no longer be wasted on stamps, envelopes and shipping. With the number of documents that are constantly being sent back and forth, these costs can add up to be a large sum of money. Another indirect advantage that comes along with eDelivery is that the reduced amount of paper printed and wasted helps ensure that the environment is not being harmed.


eDelivery also acts as a more secure way to transfer information from Location A to Location B. Documents will not longer get lost in the mail and it will be significantly easier for firms to trace when the document was sent, who is was sent by and who had access to the document. Technology allows for information to be traceable from the start to the finish which can help increase the security of the information and better protect the firm.

Promoting eLearning

Deciding to implement eDelivery can help promote eLearning among your employees. In todays world, it is crucial for individuals to be able to understand and use technology in their job. Having technologically competent employees can help companies be encouraged to expand their use of technology and can lead to more advanced systems through innovation. eDelivery is a great place for your firm to start with its journey towards technological advancement because of its simplicity and the substantial benefits that go along with it.

Our Role

At Loffa, we want to help your company increase their levels of efficiency by using technology to automate processes and save time. To get started in your pursuit of making your firm more efficient and effective by implementing processes such as eDelivery, reach out to

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