Less materials, lower costs and a cleaner environment.

There are numerous benefits that can result from making the choice to start dematerializing your company. Cutting down on the amount of materials being used in your firm can lead to huge advantages such as lower operating costs and less waste that your company is responsible for. Not only does “going green” help to sustain the environment but it can also help sustain your business by acting as a clever marketing tactic.

Eco-Friendly Responsibility

Overall, businesses should feel some sense of obligation in trying to go green to fulfill their ecological duty as a corporation. Using less materials heavily reduces the amount of waste that is put off into the environment. If each business was conscious of this, there would be a significant decrease in the amount of materials wasted each day.

Advantage to Your Business

From a business standpoint, maintaining an eco-friendly reputation is an excellent marketing tactic for companies to be able to advertise to their customers. Loffa’s clients can leverage our company as helping them with their ethical sourcing which can, in turn, help them to draw in more customers. The discussion of climate change and making conscious choices that reduce your carbon footprint is prevalent now more than ever. Customers are looking to offer their business to firms who are doing their part to eliminate waste and help the environment. Buyers purchase products that follow suit with their self-concept. Business Insider estimated that 47% of online customers will not purchase from companies who do not align with their personal values (Rosmarin, 2020). If a customer believes that a business’s views align with their own, it is more likely that the customer to purchase from that business and feel good about doing so.

A Direct Effect on Your Firm

Jerome Powell, a Federal Reserve Chairman, said that “Acute hazards, such as storms, floods, droughts, or wildfires, can quickly alter, or reveal new information about, future economic conditions or the value of real or financial assets” (Frazin, 2020). Although it may seem like an issue that will be taken into effect later, climate change plays a direct role in everyday business that is conducted at your financial firm. A substantial concern of businesses everywhere is that climate change will affect the economy drastically. Money and resources being used to rebuild after floods and fires leads to larger spending that we were not prepared for. Climate change continues to be a threat to the economy and financial firms should be monitoring and preparing for changes that have most likely already started to happen.

Loffa's Eco-Friendly Plan

Loffa offers products that can help your company fulfill their ethical duty and start to move towards being a paperless firm. Loffa plans to implement both E-signature and E-delivery in the near future and is always trying to find new ways to increase the efficiency of our business while still making decisions that can help the world around us flourish.


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