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Communicating Remotely

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental practices within a business. When firms were required to send their employees home back in March, there was concern that this aspect of business would be lost which would lead to less innovative and collaborative ideas.

Luckily in some cases, communication is being more heavily pushed between employees. Some firms are scheduling more weekly meetings and conference calls in order to keep that team-like mentality among their employees. In the office, if an employee had an idea or needed help from their manager or a coworker, they could simply walk over to their office and get the information within a couple of minutes. Now, employees need to schedule a 15-minute minimum zoom call with that individual if they have something to discuss. Since a block of time is now being allocated towards meeting with one another and communicating and collaborating, more discussion and ideas are being thrown around.

The pandemic has also encouraged employees to help each other out in order to ensure everyone is getting work done and staying mentally and physically healthy. Since the world-wide pandemic has affected everyone in at least one way, being understanding and giving some leeway is important to implement in order to maintain a happy and healthy work environment.

Increased and stable communication within the firm will increase the likelihood of an employee reaching out to their superiors when they need help in the future, will encourage employees to communicate their thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis and will create a healthier work environment which will, in turn, lead to increased productivity.

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