An Election and a Volatile Market

Can your business manage an increasing number of LOFF’s?

Technology Cruciality in Your Business

With technology continuing to automate processes, accomplish tasks more efficiently and effectively and enhancing workflows, it is no longer about whether to adapt, but how. Financial service firms grappled with the need for technology transformation long before Covid. However, the pandemic has proven that companies must invest in technology that will automate their workflows to ensure that the company is better prepared for events that may change their course of action.

The Volatile Market

There is an extremely volatile market due to the election. The number of stock market transactions has increased drastically which leads to an increasing number of letters of free funds for your business to manage. Was your company able to successfully manage the number of letters it needed to process in March when Covid hit? Has your company recovered from the tough times that have followed Covid? Will your company be ready for an audit after the election?

Loffa's Role

Loffa’s clients did not face the same issues that your company did in March when the pandemic happened, and they will not face issues with the currently unstable market. Our products that automate workflows will increase your efficiency and be your safety net when events like these ensue. Organizations that seize upon technology opportunities now, may widen their competitive edge in the face of major, disruptive global events, including, but not limited to, the current global pandemic.

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