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Cross the T’s and Dot the I’s on Regulation T Requirements Accessible.

Searchable. Compliant. With Freefunds Verified Direct™, brokers can seamlessly

complete all Regulation T balance verifications and requirements. And, cloud storage makes it easier than ever to store, search and retrieve documents related to LOFF requests.

  • Track open and non-responded Letter of Free Funds (LOFF) requests.

  • Protect against possible free-riding activity.

  • Comply with SEC Reg. T 220.8 and SEC 17a-4 storage requirements.

All In One, All Online

Electronically supervises the completion, centralization, storage,

and retrieval of all DVP/COD Letter of Free Funds.

Access Anywhere

Can be accessed remotely via a secure connection 24/7/365

from virtually any computer in the world.

Fast, Easy Retrieval

Assists in the compliance of SEC 17a-4, by easily retrieving all stored letters and images, as required.

Intuitive Tracking

Provides self-explanatory workflow and easily tracks open and non-responded items.

Reduced Risk of Fines

Proven to protect against SEC/FINRA censures and fines.

Save Time And Money

Reduces costs and increases operational efficiency while helping your firm Go Green.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

NYSE and NASD executing/clearing brokers are required to verify funds availability with broker dealer custodians by T+5 for every non-exempt security trade with a principal in excess of $1,000. Most perform this verification via a faxed Letter of Free Fund. Not performing verification in a timely manner could lead to fines, penalties, and having a client’s account restricted for 90 days in accordance with this SEC mandate.

Freefunds Verified Direct™ effortlessly and securely satisfies these regulatory verification and notification requirements.

Release Notes

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