Loffa has assisted Citigroup with their requirements for many years.    They have used several of our SaaS solutions for their own work flow that has helped them with their compliance needs, and reduced overall effort/concern.  They set it, and forget it.

TD Ameritrade seamlessly integrated Loffa into their workflow and have been able to reduce their overall cost, and not only increase their compliance for Reg-T, but simplify the audit process.  Being able to quickly appease all auditor requests has it's own value.


Pershing utilizes Loffa for several bundled service offerings.  Providing efficiencies that add up to savings for more than one business unit. 


Merrill Lynch was one of Loffa's early adopters.  They have benefited from our work flow SaaS solution that has helped them through many audits over the years.


National Financial is part of Fidelity, they have used Loffa for several years now and utilize a bundled set of services to create efficiencies within a few business units within the organization.  We are please to provide a quarterly performance report that consistently shows effective gains in workflow automation, compliance, and overall lower cost to operate.


The products and services that Loffa provides Jefferies has been consistent and seamless for several years.


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