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Loffa Interactive Group

The leader in automated workflow solutions for financial services companies.​

Loffa Interactive Group creates technological solutions for financial services firms. As an experienced group of operational consultants, we work hard every day to bring financial broker transaction services into the digital age with secure, easy-to-use web applications that create more efficiencies and reduce compliance risks.

Our cloud-based platform is comprised of three combinable point solutions designed to help organizations streamline processes, improve staff efficiency, automate workflows and reduce costs—all while helping you go green.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, our team has deep experience in the financial services industry, at large and small companies across the United States. Loffa’s founding members possess over 85 years of combined operational experience within the following industries:

  • Broker/Dealer Financial Services

  • Information Technology/Software Development

  • Human Resources and Operations

  • Insurance

  • Real Estate

  • Sales and Marketing

We have the expertise, the insight and the vision to create innovative technology solutions that make a real difference. We’re the future of financial services workflow—and you can be on the forefront with us.


Our Team

Manny Alemany

Manny Alemany, CEO | Phone: 480.405.9662

Adam Yax with jacket

Adam Yax, CISO | Phone: 480.405.9662

Prior to Loffa Interactive Group, Mr. Alemany worked for Charles Schwab Institutional as a Sr. Business Manager developing STP and T+1 applications.  Mr. Alemany has a MBA from Arizona State University and has successfully completed Level I of AMR's three level CFA program.


Mr. Alemany previously held the following NASD Registrations: General Securities Representative and General Securities Principal. In addition, his expertise spans across well-known and respected firms such as Bank of America, Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company and Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.

Mr Yax wrote the first lines of code for Loffa before starting, running and selling a successful technology company.   He has come home to invest his time and energy into the success of Loffa.

With an aye on Cyber security, availability, compliance, and performance his 25 years experience with companies like Lockheed Martin, American Express, and his time securing banking networks around the world have put him in a great position to keep Loffa's client data safe.

Brett Quadt

Brett Quadt, Vice President Accounts | Phone: 480.405.9662

Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg, Chief Software Engineer | Phone: 480.405.9662

Mr. Quadt is the Senior Vice President of Account Management & Marketing and is responsible for managing Loffa Interactive’s business support functions including marketing, research, human resources, client setup & support, and day-to-day operations.


Prior to joining Loffa Interactive, Mr. Quadt worked in a variety of roles with the Cigna Corporation including Marketing & Communications, Claim Management, Human Resources, and Operations. Mr. Quadt was very involved in the launching of several limited-benefit medical insurance products such as Starbridge Select, Crew Select, and Fundamental Care. In addition, he is a former licensed Realtor® in the state of Arizona.


Mr. Quadt has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Arizona and also serves as board President of the ABH, NAFIP & SITA association groups.

Mr. Rosenberg is the Director of Development and is responsible for directing the software development efforts at Loffa Interactive Group.


Prior to joining Loffa Interactive, Mr. Rosenberg was the CIO at Berkley Life Sciences, a subsidiary of WR Berkley Corporation, a Fortune 500, international commercial insurance holding company.  While there, Mr. Rosenberg was responsible for developing and maintaining all internal and customer facing technology initiatives including data warehousing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, data privacy and security and software development. Before joining WR Berkley, Mr. Rosenberg was a Senior Programmer / Analyst at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. 


Mr. Rosenberg has a B.S. in Health Sciences from the University of Arizona and is actively involved within the FinTech and InsureTech leadership communities.

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